About Us- Raviraj Engineering Corporation

Founder's Message

We implements best management, lay emphasis on quality and do good job in details. The ability to attract, develope and retain competent employee is of the most importance to Raviraj’s overall success. In fact our employees are our biggest strength and today we are one of the leading manufacturer in shearing machine is because of their hard work. We invest in skill, development and maintain a good work environment and promote a best opportunity. Team work is also prime reason of our success. Here we deliver our machines on promise of best quality and services.


Our first and foremost vision is to meet all machinery requirements of our clients. Besides this our vision is to provide superior level of machinery and maintain a leading position with latest innovative technology creating excellence in manufacturing machinery.

We want to be a top priority for shearing machines and press brakes and some other machines with the help of our highly skilled team of employees and policy to provide an excellent quality, safety and precision. We want to spread our products in India as well as other several countries due to our high performance machines.




The mission of Raviraj machines is to improve customers work efficiencies by providing durable and well crafted shearing machines and press brakes. Our aim is to establish our all efforts for customers demand and fulfil their requirements by providing our excellent quality machines which are highly productive and work very efficiently.

Why Us

We are here to creating most satisfied and well designed models of machine with high performance of manufacturing shearing machine and press brakes & continuous improvement in techniques are combined to enhance our reputation for quality.

We constantly try to improve our products, lead the way of innovation and create a new situation for better machinery revolution. We help in increasing the productivity and efficiency of the unit by providing our Capacity of high range of various comprehensive machines with excellent features.